Clinical Software Usability Survey (cSUS)

For some years I’ve been developing a simple usability questionnaire for clinical software (which is renowned for having poor usability and poorly usable EPRs are a recognised cause of clinician burnout internationally!)

I used to use LimeSurvey for running the survey, but I thought I’d have a go at making a version in CW. This is a very rough draft but is (just about) “Usable” :wink: in its raw form. It needs some CSS window-dressing to make the text boxes flow better.


csus-custom-wizard-1607374812.json (12.4 KB)


cSUS background info


For some reason your 1st field is duplicated.

I’ve fixed that for you back at the source, but can’t post the .json here because uploads are restricted for lesser users here on! Here is a screenshot of the fixed Wizard:

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Thanks @Nathan for that fix. I will eventually put the JSON into version control on GitHub, which I think is the natural way to handle these artefacts. The duplication was probably cause by how I created the Wizard - I exported the JSON into a text editor and copied/pasted my Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree option ranges in the text editor before reimporting, to save myself having to enter all that manually.

It is nice to see that I’m not the only one who hacks the .JSON files!!! @angus