Clarity and inclusiveness when working with a remote team

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Pavilion is a distributed organisation. We almost are always working remotely, with both clients and each other. There are a few things to keep in mind when collaborating remotely.

  • Timezones! When specifying deadlines, be specific about which timezone it refers to.

  • Full information. When doing a handover, make sure there is enough info in a Post for someone to pick something up (if at all possible), to minimise any required follow ups to get that person going e.g. the Github links, included with the project definition etc.

  • Inclusivity and courtesy. When doing project-level work, e.g. task assignments, a handover, or project strategy, try to make sure all those involved in the project are present. If this is not possible, try to make sure there is a good record of what is discussed its context.

    For example, if someone’s assigned task needs to be taken over at short notice to meet a deadline, give them as much heads up and background as to why as possible.

  • Be-aware of tight deadlines. Make sure that during a phase leading up to a tight deadline, people are all engaged and keeping up with written communication on the main task discussion and responding in a timely fashion whenever possible (respecting sleeping hours and necessary downtime).


Thanks @angus