Changes to date and time on topics made with Edit Wiki feature do not save


Discourse Version: 2.4.0.beta7 (fa52ed3b16)

Plugin Commit: 06c38d8

Other Plugins
assign, data explorer, user notes, solved, wikimedia auth, locations

Steps to Reproduce

As a non-admin/non-moderator, visit a topic created by another user with a date/time.
Click the Edit button and attempt to add or modify or add a topic’s date/time.
The process appears to work, but the change is not saved.
A change will be recorded in the edit history, but the change description is blank.
The change will bump a topic with no subsequent comments.




Additionally, it’s not possible to revert edits to just the date/time. The history doesn’t show these changes and clicking “Revert to this revision” says “The current version is same as the version you are trying to revert to.”