Category is not working in Open Composer action

I’ve got an action that opens the composer, but the category field isn’t filled. I troubleshot for permissions, tried other categories, etc. but when the composer opens, the category is empty.

Here’s what I have.

I also created a second, one question, test wizard and it does work so I’m guessing that there’s some problem elsewhere? Any tips on where to look or check for errors? I can start over and try again, but it’s made up of 6 steps and a lot of fields.


I’m on a little bit of a deadline, so I thought I’d re-do the whole thing and test along the way. When I made another one question version, the category still didn’t show up. I tried deleting the category and creating another with no luck. I have also tested other categories and they seem to work - but I can’t figure out any pattern as to why.

I’m attaching the exported .json of the wizard in case it offers any clues.


the-salk-labs-wizards-1612747884.json (9 KB)

I’m taking a quick look at this now.

@slambert I could repro this one on (there’s a test wizard for the open composer action there: Open Composer Test), and have addressed it

Test wizard works after update: Open Composer Test.

Hope you meet your deadline!

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Thank you so much! It’s working for me now. Feels good! :wink:

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