Can't apply Add to Group conditionally


Discourse Version: 5e24436454

Plugin Commit: 500c305

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Steps to Reproduce

When I try and use a Wizard Field (Group) to apply conditionality in the Add to Group part, it doesn’t actually apply the changes I’m seeking.


This seems to be easily selectable, but doesn’t apply the group adding that I think it should.

If I use ‘=’, it doesn’t work.

@Nathan On the issue with adding to groups, I just tried this out on and it worked for me.


  1. I make myself a member of the broad professional group “All Students”.

  2. I select “Medical Students” in the dropdown.

  3. As per the action, I am added to the group (i.e. the group I selected.

You can see the log of this action in the logs:

Can you give me an example of it failing?

The regex issue (i.e the issue with =~) is a seperate one, I’ll create a seperate ticket for it

Yeah, whoops - I changed the wizard after posting that sorry!

OK, I’ve put it back now as it was when the error occured and set it aside for you:

This is how the Action step looks - I am trying to add two groups when one was selected in the wizard field. Piggy backed if you will.