Can I show Topic List Previews to anonymous users only?

I would like to use the Topic List Previews plugin to make a landing page bulletin for a forum. So anonymous users should see the Previews view when they browse the site. If you log in you should have the regular list view, and rather access the topics like an editor for the landing page.

Is there an easy way to achieve this? Or would it need to be coded as an option of the plugin?

Thanks for your interest in TLP!

No you can’t distinguish between users, unfortunately.

I’m not sure I’d be in favour of adding this to the core plugin either as it’s out of scope of the general aim of the plugin and would add complexity to a plugin already bursting at the seams with options.

Don’t forget all this functionality requires support too.

Have you considered sending users to dedicated homepage or add a dedicated banner for anonymous users?

You could send anon users to a tag page that was setup to preview and populated with a curated list of topics?

This would all be bespoke customisation of course but could be done. The tagging option is probably relatively simple. Might be a #quick-jobs Theme Component if you have budget.

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Thanks for clarifying this! Yes, I totally agree the plugin rather has an excess of options already rather than a lack… I’m actually still trying to get my head around about what triggers what exactly. It also seems many options are enabled and populated by default, so once you enable the plugin there’s a lot of changes at once. If you’d ever re-visit the settings layout of the plugin, it would probably be helpful to group the options and only expand each of them when enabled. Like this:

  • enable tiles

    • on these list views (blank for all)
    • for these categories (blank …)
  • enable thumbnails

    • on these list views
    • for these categories
  • enable excerpts

    • on these list views
    • for these categories
  • enable actions

    • on these list views
    • for these categories

So there’s some initial overview about what one can do with the plugin and what is enabled or disabled. That would theoretically also make room for adding the option ‘for these tags’?

Tags should already work?

Sorry, was still typing on this…

That’s how I understand the current setup: I can enable the tag route in general. But I can’t limit to specific tags? That’s what I thought of doing, have a bulletin tag and only render the tiles view when this tag is selected. Would this option really be a quick job? To me it feels it would need to be quite carefully integrated with the plugin, as sketched in the post above?

Here’s the idea:

I want the tiles view for the bulletin tag only. But right now I get the tiles view for every tag route that would be selected.

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Ah with you. Sorry. You are right. Yes I might consider that addition. But probably just to the TC as ultimately what I will migrate fully to. Leave it with me. I may add it during a support period in the next couple or months. Unfortunately I’m moving house imminently so don’t have a lot of time right now.

Otherwise PR welcome.

But good idea :+1:t2:

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Sounds great! :sunglasses: :+1:

Right now it’s for a volunteer project and I unfortunately don’t have the budget to sponsor it directly.
But I’d love to donate a bit to development of the TC in general. Please have a look at the links for donating on the plugin topic on meta. They are actually all broken…

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Apologies for that. Will discuss with @angus best resolution as our policy on donations was changed and I had not updated the links.