Box for Dropdowns is smaller than the answers


Discourse Version: b70e0d88f7

Plugin Commit: 2681fe2

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Steps to Reproduce

With a Dropdown field, if I put long potential answers in as the ‘Value’ I get this problem:

The box with the ‘Select…’ in it (when running the Wizard) is small as it automatically sizes around the contents (i.e. ‘Select…’)
Unfortunately, this also applies to the actual dropdown menu when I click on ‘Select’, which makes them tricky to scroll through and read.

It would be much better from the user perspective if the dropdown list is sized to the longest potential answer, rather than the contents of the selection box.



After selecting an option (much better):


@Nathan I’m going to have to demur on this one. Doing this in the way you’re suggesting, i.e. setting the length according to the length of the longest item, is harder than it seems in this context.

You can set the min width of your dropdowns using CSS in your wizard theme, so that’s the “solution” on this one.

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