Always show the event on the (event's) local time


Allow to always show the event on the (event’s) local time


Currently when an event has a specifically chosen timezone, the (event’s) local time is shown on the topic list: this is good for international communities with in presence meetings, where the local time is relevant.

However, the timezone is an optional field and when not selected, the event time is shown on the viewers timezone instead.

This creates all sorts of confusion: meetings (that appear to be) at 2AM on the wrong day, or people making the bad travel plans to be at an event on a different timezone, etc.

Would be great we can make the timezone field to be mandatory to avoid this issue.

Or, even better, to have a plugin setting that allows to always show the event time/date on the event’s timezone instead of the viewer.

Use Case

International communities with local (in presence) meetings where knowing the time in the event’s timezone is more relevant than in the viewers current timezone (eg: online meetings).


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I think defaulting to user’s current timezone is the correct way. You’re presenting an edge case where people travel and get confused.

The main question is, who’s allowed to create events in your community? If only volunteers, then you can teach them to add a timezone always.

Also, we now recommend the official events plugin from the discourse team. 🗓 Discourse Event - plugin - Discourse Meta

Do check it out too.

In times of a pandemic, online meetings are the norm indeed. Even more so within technical people. But having in presence meetings in a community is not an edge case IMHO.

Defaulting the timezone field to the user’s current timezone would be totally fine! The issue is that it doesn’t default to it on the new event form: the timezone field is optional, and when not filled, it causes the listing of the event topics to display date/times relative to viewer.

We are planning to do this, yes. But it’s very easy to forget to set a timezone field when you are on the timezone that the event will take place.

I’m aware, but it suffers of the same problem right now: dates/times are always shown on the viewers timezone with no workaround (unlike this plugin).

Thank you nonetheless for the response. I understand that this is not the scenario that many online communities face, but I thought it would be important to point it out that there is this need by some.

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I see. You want to have the user’s current timezone selected in the dropdown by default.

I think I’ve attempted this earlier but due to a mismatch between server and js side timezone packages, I dropped the idea.

We had plans of working on that further but the discourse team has been doing a great job on the events front.

I would suggest contacting them to incorporate the feature or if they’re accepting PRs for this, you can fund us to make one. We’re recommending their plugin in favour of ours and we plan to depricate it eventually.

We’re working on a migration from our event data to the official event plugin’s data format so the previous events can be used with the new plugin.

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