Allow User to purchase VIP from Wordpress Side also

The worst I can see happening is a bunch of users (who signed up via discourse) losing access to the forum unless they reset their password at wordpress.

While I dont think it is ideal, I’d still like to hear from @Kodie_Critzer to know if he is okay with such an exercise

Every user signed up via discourse so all users would lose access. We cannot afford to do that as an option. If we are going to use wordpress as SSO we need to migrate all the users into wordpress for a seamless experience otherwise some users will complain and never change their password.

So in summary again this is what we want to do, I feel like there is a lot of confusion around this:

  1. Create three different subscription tiers that we sell on wordpress these options will live and be sold on the logged out version of VIP or if a user does not have an active membership as a form of a pricing page. If a user has access and is logged in the menu item for VIP will change to My VIP (we could use this for this behavior -If Menu – Visibility control for Menu Items – WordPress plugin |
  1. The $55/month and $500/year subscriptions will create a processing order every month that they pay and that will need to be processed and shipped. These will also need to have different attributes for size so a user can purchase a S, M, L, XL, or XXL subscription. The $4.99/month plan can be created and completed upon successful payment as that does not require processing or shipping.
  2. When a user purchases one of these plans it also creates a plan on Discourse and flags them as a VIP.
  3. We need to port over all discouse users and credentials to wordpress so that no user loses access to discourse. After that we can start to use wordpress as the SSO provider. Also, if a user on discourse is an active VIP member they will need to be added to the active wordpress membership for the $4.99 plan so they can get access to
  4. It would be great if we had the option to upgrade or downgrade memberships.
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Thanks for the detailed rundown of the requirements.
I’m in the IST timezone. How does 2020-10-26T15:30:00Z sound?

That works for me!

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That’s 8.30 AM on monday in Los Angeles just to confirm.

Yep that works for me! How do you want to do the meeting? Google hangouts/zoom/do you have a preference?

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I’m PMing you the meeting invite link.

@Kodie_Critzer ready for the call in 10 mins?

@fzngagan I am in the waiting room

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Any update on your testing?

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I spent some time doing the testing with some issues. I need some more time.

@itsbhanusharma was right. If discourse is the sso provider, all the users are registered through it. Now if you change the provider to wordpress, they need to login through wordpress but they don’t have a wordpress password. Hence they need to reset their password via wordpress to get a password.

One scenario that is possible, is that if the users were already registered to wordpress before the sso was in place, they already have a wp password and can use it.

Moreover, we do have a way to create a discourse user upon them signing up for a membership or subscription even without switching the sso provider. They’ll get an activation link in their email to activate their discourse account.

Ah thats unfortunate. Do you have an example of what the SSO would look like if it was handled on wordpress rather than on Discourse?

The login would have to be seamless. Upon clicking login on discourse would a user be redirected to My account - Locker Room Access then upon successful login be redirected to logged in discourse?

This is my latest finding.

I think we can achieve our goal without changing anything about the sso config. I’ll give you the ETA and details on PM.

Wouldn’t that just defeat the purpose of sso? The idea here is to make the login process seamless for users so I’m not sure if this is what @Kodie_Critzer wants.

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@itsbhanusharma Doesn’t this already happen in the current sign up flow? What would be the difference?

Moving this to this thread.

Thanks for the patience through out. I’m glad I found a solution which would require minimum changes to the current SSO setup. Here’s the next steps.

Discourse side

  • Remove discourse-subscriptions plugin.
  • Remove our custom webhook plugin.

WP side

  • Remove our wp plugin
  • Add the new wp plugin for adding/removing users to discourse group based on subscription status.

@itsbhanusharma What do you think of this?

@fzngagan @itsbhanusharma Our users cannot post on the forum. Can we fix this asap please.

It is back up and running now! What will happen to the existing subscribers in discourse when we disable the plugin?

Is there anyway we could move those over to woocommerce?

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