Allow User to purchase VIP from Wordpress Side also

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This is the current set up with have with Discourse and Wordpress and then what we ultimately want to create. Do you think this is possible?

Discourse VIP:

  • VIP is not currently highlighted or surfaced well in Discourse.
  • User must have an account to subscribe
  • We offer one plan for $4.99 that gives access to no ads, VIP chat, and these users are passed to wordpress and we create a membership for them there to grant access to /vip (still being built).
    • On this page we will house the zoom links for VIP members, event information, exclusive merch, autographs?


  • Right now there is no way to purchase VIP on wordpress
  • We are doing the work to be able to subscribe to VIP (the $4.99 plan listed above) and upon purchase this will auto create a discourse account and mark it as VIP to give them access to VIP chat. This will also grant them access to /vip on wordpress.

Preferred Experience

  • Offer three different tiers
    • $4.99/month for /VIP page access and VIP chat
    • $55.00/month for VIP page access, VIP chat, monthly merch box
    • $500/year (25% discount) for VIP page access, VIP chat, monthly merch box, randomly inserted autographed items, live events VIP access to meet the players
  • When any of these are purchased the membership will have a recurring subscription attached to it for the $55/month and $500/year plan that will automatically create a processing order on a monthly basis as long as they still have an active membership.
  • Best scenario would be on the /vip page on wordpress show pricing page if logged out of the user is not subscribed to VIP with pricing tiers and what each tier offers and with each purchase we create a VIP account in discourse


I have purchased and activated the subscriptions plug in on wordpress.

How should we handle the other tiers 55/month and 500/year on the discourse side?

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That’ll depend on if and what do we want to offer extra compared to the $4.99 plan on discourse. if nothing, the same group can be set up to include other VIPs or otherwise, I can set different groups and permissions.

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In Discourse each subscription tier would be the same and just be added to the same VIP group for ad free viewership and access to VIP threads.

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@fzngagan Do you think all of the above is possible?

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We have an sso setup so can’t we assume that the user will already have an account on discourse?

As @itsbhanusharma said, our code will simply add the user to the VIP group for all the memberships.

After a lot of pondering, here’s my thoughts on how we should proceed.

  1. Discourse Subscriptions does a good job of handling subscriptions and recurring payments etc. We can simply have a url for the discourse subscription page on your wp site. This helps us to have the whole subscriptions management on discourse instead of having it on woocommerce. (already in place)

  2. Our code already handles subscribing/unsuscribing to the wp membership plan via webhooks.(already in place)

  3. You can have multiple subscriptions on discourse, which we can map to different membership plans on wp.Its up to you to map all membership plans to different discourse groups or to the same group. All can have different prices and different perks which will be governed the woocommerce membership plan settings. (The amount you paid for doing the sync can go into this so everything is already covered )

  4. If you want to modify how the discourse subscriptions page looks, we can do some design work on that. (I’ll give a quote based on complexity of the design)


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If we went this route how would we handle monthly orders? Our inventory management and orders are all handled out of woocommerce. For users who subscribe the the 2 higher end plans there is a monthly merchandise box and those orders will need to happen automatically if a user is still subscribed to the membership and the orders will need to be processed and completed in woocommerce.

Would this solve for the problem I mentioned above? How would we set up the recurring subscription to be tied to the active membership if the payment happens on Discourse?

Overall, I think this is sounds like a good strategy as long as we can get the recurring orders for the monthly merch box (55/month and 500/year plans) passed into woocommerce.

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Here’s how I’m picturing this task.
Let’s create a subscription with all the correct settings related to memberships, etc.

I’ll tweak the wp plugin I built to sync with this new subscription instead of only the Membership. The trigger will still be the same i.e. user added to/ removed from the discourse group based on the discourse-subscriptions plugin.

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My only concern with what you mentioned above is that we would only be able to sell the memberships to users who already have created a discourse account. This makes up for less that 5% off our traffic. We want to be able to sell the membership plans on wordpress to all of our traffic and upon purchase they create a discourse account that is flagged as VIP. Does that make sense?

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Would the URL you mention that lives on Wordpress require a user to create an account before they see the plans?

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I’m really amazed that the subscribe page doesn’t show up for non logged in users on discourse.

I’ll get back with a different approach to tackle this one shortly.

Thank you

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Le’ts do it the other way round. Let’s sell everything on WordPress and manage discourse group access based on the user’s wp subscription.

We have handled such a setup before. Although, it renders our previous task a bit redundant but looks more useful and future ready.


That sounds like the ideal scenario by me! Lets go with it. Do you have an estimated ETA?

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Will you be able to help with the subscription and membership creation to make sure that this is functioning as intended? We want users to be able to purchase one of the three tiers in Wordpress

  • $4.99/month for /VIP page access and VIP chat
  • $55.00/month for /VIP page access, VIP chat, monthly merch box
  • $500/year (25% discount) for VIP page access, VIP chat, monthly merch box, randomly inserted autographed items, live events VIP access to meet the players

This will be highlighted on a VIP Pricing page (which I can build). Then upon checkout the user will be granted the appropriate access which would also create an account in Discourse.

Does all of this make sense?

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I think we’ll be moving to membership creation and management via wordpress completely.

I think only /vip access is related to discourse here?

question: Is there a specific reason to keep the sso provider as discourse?
I think if we make wordpress as the sso provider, it’ll be super easy to create accounts and manage access.

That sounds good. But we will need to tie recurring subscriptions to the appropriate membership, right?

/vip is a page I created (and am still working on) on the locker room access website. If a user has an active membership they will be granted access to that page as well as VIP chat (this is the only thing that is related to Discourse).

There isn’t a specific reason SSO happens on discourse. We can make wordpress the sso provider as long as it doesn’t interfere with the current Discourse users.

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Yes, A WooCommerce membership can be tied to a woocommerce subscription. We’ll manage access to discourse groups based on the subscription status. The reason being, a subscription is responsible for managing membership in our case.


I would like to take a suggestion from @itsbhanusharma for this. What happens if we switch the sso provider to wordpress?

If its getting too confusing or you think we’re not on the same page, we can schedule a call and discuss before I start with the implementation.

That would be great. What time works for you?