Allow non-users to submit information


Allow non-users to submit information


Right now people need to be logged in as a user on the forum to fill out Custom Wizard forms. I would like non-users to also be able to fill out the form either directly or through another forms software that can create Custom Wizard like posts with the requisite tags and categories, etc.

Use Case

I want people to be able to fill out a form saying they are interested in joining our organizing team.

They answer questions like

What’s your name?
Are you interested in Advocacy?
Are you interested in Business?
Why are you interested in these topics?

Once that person submits the form, a topic is created that does the following:

What’s your name?: Creates topic with Name in the topic title
Are you interested in Advocacy?: If yes tags topic with “advocacy”
Are you interested in Business?: If yes tags topic with “business”
Why are you interested in these circles?: Puts answer to this question in the first post.

This would benefit us because right now we’re using a Google Form to ask these questions and then we have to manually transfer the information to a Discourse post so our team can collaborate on following up with that person. We’d love to make the process less manual by having people fill out the Custom Wizard instead, but we don’t want them to create a Discourse account because we don’t know yet if they should be part of the team — they’re just expressing interest.



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We are considering doing this one in the medium term, however it will take a bit of work to handle things like spam submissions.

If there’s possibly budget for this request, perhaps even in concert with other users of the plugin, we’d be keen to look at this earlier.


I just had a related idea: is it possible for someone to enter information as a non-user and sign-up for a Discourse account at the same time instead of entering the information via two different workflows?

Do you have a sense of what kind of budget would lead to the team being keen to look at this earlier?