Add support for category icons component

We have been using this plugin on our site: Category icons component - theme - Discourse Meta

Is there a way to continue using this theme component, alongside this (your) Category List Widget theme component? I like how that plugin allows the images to stick with the Category name, throughout the UI. I’d love it if the selected icon, from that plugin, could pass through and be seen with this great “Category List Widget” :pray:

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Interesting idea! Yeah definitely worthy of inclusion. I won’t be able to do it overnight, but sometime over the next few weeks. I’ll turn this into an open source feature request. Ping me on this again in a week to remind me? (just in case i forget).


That’s great news! I’ll make a note to ping you at the end of next wk. :facepunch:

Hey brother - Just wanted to remind you about this, per your request. I’m not completely familiar with your processes but it looks like this is in the “Open Source - Feature Requests” category. Not sure if there was something else you were going to do.

Thanks for your attention on this :raised_hands: