Add "Group" user-field and type-selector to if-statements


Add “Group” user-field and type-selector to if-statements


Currently when creating an “if” conditional line in Custom Wizard 0.6.0 there is no way to select “Groups” among the “user field” dropdown items, and usually the only type-selectors available are “text”, “wizard field” and “user field”. Under certain circumstances (like when creating a “Route To” action) the type-selector also offers “group”, “category” and “user”, but even here groups cannot be selected among the user fields.

I propose universally adding an option to add “Groups” to the “user field” selector and adding “group” (and maybe also “user” etc) to the type-selector in all if-statements, in order to enable the creation of rules that depend on the user being (or not being) a member of specified groups.

It might then also be useful to expand the available mapper connector options (=, <, >, =~, is, …) by a “contains” and maybe a “doesn’t contain” option to handle a set of items, because something like “=~” would only do a string comparison while groups should probably be identified by their internal ids. (Come to think of it, an optionally negating checkbox in front of the mapper connector or after the “if” selector might be useful for some applications.)

Use Case

Since users could be invited to groups via email-invite by group owners, it could make sense to automatically attach group memberships based on what group membership an account has at the point of its creation, or to offer certain group memberships to the user optionally.

Is the user member of group Falcons or group Sparrows? Then also make them members / subscribers of the group / category Birds, or ask them if they want to.

Is the user member of a certain group directly after signup, which means they must have been invited by one of the non-mod group owners? Then assign them to the invisible group “Invited by non-staffers” so that staffers have a quick handle to keep an eye on them / their numbers, even after they leave the group they were first invited to.


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