Add event reminders


Hey @angus - someone on meta is asking about this. Is this feature still in the workflow?

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I think this one got lost in the mix.

We actually need this one for the workflow so let’s schedule this in again as well.

If you could do the same for this, I.e pick a time and then hold me to account that’d be awesome.


@angus did you get to work on this?

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Yes, I’m working on it currently. Should be ready by early next week.

Thanks for following up :+1:

@Eli I just deployed the event_reminders branch of the events plugin to the sandbox for testing. Could you give it a whirl?

The new site settings are:

  • events reminders enabled
  • events reminders hours before (how many hours before the event the reminder will be sent)

The users who should be reminded about the event are:

  • the topic poster
  • users who rsvp

There are a number of ways this can go wrong. E.g. rsvp’ing and ununrsvp’ing, and turning off / on rsvp and event settings.

The easy way to test whether it has worked is to check /sidekiq for the scheduled job (which sends the event reminder) you can force it to run there too.

In addition to bugs (which there will probably be). There are a number of ways we can improve this before we merge into production:

  • sending notification before (at site setting) and at the time of the event.
  • sending emails as well as notifications

Awesome! I’m happy to help with testing as well - just invite me to any test events. :slight_smile:


Yeah there’s a bunch of weird behavior that I’ll get concrete repo conditions for in a bit.

The “biggest” one is that when I try to visit the events category via the latest on the home page by clicking on the link here:

I get an error message, even when logged out.

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This is actually caused by the knowledge base plugin. I’ve turned off the culprit setting.

Bug report: knowledge-base: Change category badge link setting not working


@fzngagan Or you could work in with me on this one

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Hey gang! I’m baaack! :scream_cat:

What’s the latest on this work? Would love to help test out any new functionality.


Welcome back! This one still needs a bit of work.

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I can see that. Thanks for the update. Let me know how you get on and when you think I can be of service. :service_dog:

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@bartv has a suggestion which he mentioned on the meta post here.

People who RSVP the event should start watching the topic.

@angus, @tobiaseigen your thoughts on this?

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I saw that and think it’s a good idea. However, it may be a bit draconian. Just because I want to attend an event doesn’t mean I want to be part of a forum discussion about it. RSVP’ing is, methinks, more akin to liking than to replying to a topic.

What if there were a “Notify me of all replies” modal that pops up when someone selects the button to indicate they are coming?

Beyond this, I think the plan we have to send scheduled reminders is better, as described above. I don’t know how far we’ve gotten with building it.

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I’d argue that placing an ‘RSVP’ is quite a bigger commitment than leaving a like :wink: While I haven’t used for some years, I remember that RSVP-ing would indeed subscribe you to replies.

But anyway, if this is an optional feature each site owner can decide for himself?

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Interesting. This could also be on per user basis by showing a popup to ask whether they want to start watching the topic when they RSVP maybe?


I agree with this perspective. My baseline use case would be for users who RSVP to be subscribed to replies. Even this alone (without any other reminders) would be a welcome improvement.

Hi Lee! Welcome. I agree this would be a good idea. I have an event coming up this week and have 18 people who rsvp’d. I would like to be able to reach out to them a few times to make sure they are able to come - I think I’ll have to mention them all in a reply to be sure.

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