404 after RSVPd user is deleted


Discourse Version: v2.5.0.beta3 +48

Plugin Commit: 9b486e8

Other Plugins
discourse-checklist 2102149 Up to date
discourse-custom-wizard e2b1c9e Up to date
discourse-sidebar-blocks e8ecaf2 Up to date
discourse-topic-list-previews 3f06326 Up to date
docker_manager b929e4f Up to date

Steps to Reproduce

  • Create event
  • Allow for RSVP
  • RSVP to event with user1
  • Delete user1

After user1 has been deleted, you get 404 on all pages which loads the post with the deleted user;

  • The post
  • Frontpage (if applicable)
  • Category/tag page

All other pages w/o the specific post renders correct as usual


I have been forced to disable the plugin as it renders the site unusable


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By delete you mean delete the user from the system?

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Good catch. I’ll look into this shortly.


Much appreciated @fzngagan!

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The issue is fixed but is on a different branch. You can go ahead and use that one as its close to being merged. its named server-refactor


Thank you so much for looking into this so quickly!

I have tested and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in my end. I have done the following;

  • Rebuilt discourse with - git clone https://github.com/paviliondev/discourse-events.git -b "server-refactor"
  • Confirmed I have discourse-events 0d40792 installed
  • Rebaked all posts

However, I still get 404/white pages when visiting pages with events containing RSVP from deleted users

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My bad. I’ve fixed the issue for when the user is deleted. And in your case the user is already deleted.

For now, I can fix the issue if you can give me temporary shell access of your server.

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Wow. Thank you for even considering helping like this Faizaan :heart: I have no problem waiting if you plan to implement a fix in the codebase.

With that said, I will DM instructions to access the server with root access. However you decide, please inform when I can remove the user.

I can confirm that the issue has been resolved - thank you so much @fzngagan! :pray: :100: :tada:

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