We provide consulting, customisation and support services for online communities.
We specialise in communities
Our services are specifically for online communites. As well as being subject-matter experts, many of our members run their own communities. We have many years of experience building, maintaining, advising on, and running communities. We live and breathe this.
Our rates are affordable
We're a non-profit with no overheads. Our fees only cover the wages of those who work on your project. That means we provide high quality professional services at rates affordable to communities large and small. We also build and use open source software wherever possible, further reducing the cost.
You'll be in good company
We work with a wide range of organisations, from fortune 500s, to universities, to non-profits, and small one-person local neighbourhood groups. That diversity is important to us. It adds a richness to our understanding of community that you don't get when you focus just on the top end of town.