Who we're looking for
For the first half of 2021, we're looking to add new members in these areas
  • Junior Project Managers
  • Design-focused Discourse developers
  • Senior Wordpress Developers
We care about diversity amongst our membership. We're particularly interested in hearing from people unlike our current members.
Joining is a Process
There are two ways to join Pavilion:
  • Complete a mentorship. Work with a Pavilion member in the area you're interested in.
  • Or
  • Complete a project. You work on an open source project in the area you're interested in.
You'll own any work you do, and you'll leverage what you've built to earn money once you're a full member. The main point of the joining process is to build a relationship with the other members.
Working With Us
Our members take on real responsibility from day one. None of our members are hidden behind managers. Your work has your name on it, you get the credit for it, and all the money earnt by it. We're also run democratically, so you'll get a real say in the direction of the organisation.
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