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Custom Wizard The Custom Wizard Plugin lets you make user forms for your Discourse forum. You can provide information, take user input, and perform actions, like creating topics, updating profiles and much more. Mentionables Mentionables lets you establish a custom @mention dataset. Custom @mentions work the same as @users or #categories, but use data external to discourse, including linking to external urls. Try it out on by opening a composer and typing + Retort Retort is a plugin which allows you to add slack-style reactions to posts. Journal The Journal Plugin lets you create topics as “journals” with a one-to-many structure, where only the original poster can make “entries” and everyone else can make “comments” on those entries. This plugin was a community effort and sponsored by Themes Documentation for the open source Discourse themes developed by Pavilion. Category Lockdown This plugin allows you to restrict access to topic pages in a category. Topic titles will still show up in topic lists, search, user activity & digest emails. This is a great way to advertise the activity in a “members-only” category, which may charge for access. Image Filter This plugin uses the Google Cloud Vision API to restrict uploading explicit images to the forum. It accounts for all the images uploaded i.e. avatars, logos, etc. Landing Pages The Landing Pages Plugin lets you make standalone landing pages for your Discourse instance. You can display topics, users and other content from your forum. You can restrict pages to groups, apply Discourse themes, set custom paths, and manage pages in a dedicated git repository. Webhook Receiver This plugin allows you to process webhook payloads from other services in Discourse. Currently it’s focused on receiving webhook payloads from Shopify for the management of user groups. It may also work with other webhook payloads out of the box, and we’re open to changes that will add support for other webhook payloads, and webhook payload handling (i.e. outside of managing user groups). Follow This plugin allows you to follow other users, list the latest topics involving them and receive notifications when they post. Locations This plugin allows you to associate locations with topics, and list topics with locations on a map. Babble Babble is an simple, lightweight chat plugin for Discourse. It re-skins the existing topic view into a sidebar, allowing for quick conversations in your forum. Question Answer Question Answer plugin that allows you to create topics in a similar QA style used by Stack Overflow. Layouts This plugin is a framework for custom Discourse layouts. It’s main use case is adding sidebars to Discourse. You can see it in action on this site! Our left sidebar is managed by this plugin. Multilingual The Multilingual Plugin makes it possible for administrators of a multilingual forum to create a rich and comprehensible environment for all users and guests, even if they don’t speak the default or majority language of the forum. Ratings A Discourse plugin that lets you use topics to rate things! Topic Previews Add images, text and other topic items in Discourse topic lists, similar to Reddit.
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